Worm makes women have more kids

"Whilst I wouldn't want to suggest that women try and become infected with roundworms as a way of increasing their fertility, further studies of the immunology of women who do have the parasite could ultimately lead to new and novel fertility enhancing drugs," he said.
Another fertility scientist, professor Allan Pacey at the University of Sheffield, said the results could lead to new drugs for women wanting to become pregnant.

Women with a certa in kind of parasitic worm are more likely to fall pregnant and have more children, scientists have found. A roundworm living inside women in Bolivia is now believed to cause them to mother two more children than average, the study published in the journal Science showed.

The study of 986 indigenous women suggested a lifetime carrying the worm, called Ascaris lumbricoides, changes the immune system to make women more fertile.

 Professor Aaron Blackwell, one of the authors of the study and a researcher at the University of California Santa Barbara, told BBC News website that the worm’s effects were unexpectedly significant. Full Story

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