Pune organisation develops tools to predict ailments

While DPICT can help the researchers visualize multiple simulation trajectory data in accelerated and efficient way, NEURON comes handy in identifying cause and its effect on genes by focusing on deriving gene regulatory network.
"A similar technology was used by Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie to find out if she carried a mutant gene that could have resulted in breast cancer. Accordingly, she opted for surgeries for prevention of cancer," an official from C-DAC said.

City-based Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has indigenously developed two tools that can help researchers and doctors predict probable future ailments and prescribe a personalized cure for the same.
Developed by C-DAC’s Bioinformatics team, the two tools — DPICT and NEURON — will be launched on Tuesday and will be free for students and academicians. However, industries or private parties wishing to use these tools will have to pay. Full Story

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