PM Modi puts diabetes first in push for yoga as panacea for all ills

Teams from various departments used four high-capacity suction machines mounted on trucks, and handheld vacuum pumps, and massive sponges and buckets, besides digging channels.
A team of 500 workers led by Chandigarh UT officials worked through the night to dry the complex, making it ready just in time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who led International Yoga Day celebrations Tuesday, called for using yoga to fight diabetes.

“With the help of yoga, diabetes can be controlled, if not cured. There is a need to start a campaign spreading awareness among common people suffering from diabetes,” Modi said at Chandigarh’s Capitol Complex, where he performed yoga with 30,000 others.

It was an event that had come under threat following a heavy downpour on Monday. Rainwater had soaked through the green carpets and the 30,000 mats laid out across 12 lakh square feet. Full Story

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