Pharma firms ‘push’ costly insulin at patients’ expense

The matter assumes significance as it was discussed at the annual American Diabetic Association held in Boston recently.
These aggressive promotions are rampant globally too, with the surge in cost of diabetes therapy sparking off a debate in the medical fraternity, and among patients.

This may come as a shocker. Newer and more expensive categories of insulin are being aggressively “pushed” by drug companies, and, hence, increasingly prescribed by physicians for diabetics.

The newer, second generation (rapid and long acting) versions are priced around Rs 500, three to four times costlier than the older versions – increasing the cost of treatment.

Diabetes is growing alarmingly in India, with over 65 million patients now. About 30-35% of these are on insulin, while 70-80% of them prescribed insulin therapy in their lifetime. Full Story

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