It takes 3,500 excess calories to gain a pound

A longer gap between meals will make you feel more hungry and cause you to overindulge during dinner. Bingeing on high-calorie and fatty meals closer to bedtime will also increase your blood sugar levels and result in restless sleep.
Stay consistent with your snacking schedule, so there are no long gaps between your evening snack and dinner.

I reach home late from work. I snack healthy between meals, and carry home-cooked lunch to work. But dinners are late always, and then I go to bed soon after. Will eating late dinners cause weight gain?— Sachin Rane

Keep up with the regular snacking, just make sure its healthy. You gain weight when the number of calories you consume is in excess of the calories your body will burn off. It takes 3,500 excess calories to make you gain a pound of weight. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you are consuming them, the effect remains the same. However, since our activity levels wean as the day progresses, you are less likely to burn off the calories consumed at dinner than at breakfast. Hence, it is generally advised to eat lighter meals as you near your bedtime. If dinner can’t be eaten earlier, try and keep a good gap between dinner and bed time so that you can burn more calories. Full Story

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