Is PCOD connected to diabetes

Everything we eat or drink — be it a banana, a cocktail, a bowl of sprouts or a piece of fruit — gets converted into glucose by our bodies. And glucose is our universal source of energy.
What PCOD and diabetes have in common is that they are both connected with excess fat and insulin resistance.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is pretty much a 21st century ‘cult’ syndrome – with an ever-increasing ‘membership’. I’ve lost count of the number of girls coming to my clinic with a diagnosis and the need for a diet. The same can be said for diabetes. That despite the overwhelming literature aimed at prevention and care, India is the diabetes capital of the world, with over 50 million patients suffering from Type-II diabetes.

For both these conditions, lifestyle solutions are usually recommended, and are around the area of diet control and exercise. Because of the prevalence of these conditions, I’ve developed some tried-and-tested nutritional solutions, having worked with my clients for many years. Having said that, in order to truly understand the solution, we need to first focus on why it happens. Full Story

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