Hypertension may affect cognitive skills in children

In the study, researchers compared different tests of cognitive skills in 75 children aged between 10-18 years with newly-diagnosed hypertension and 75 children without hypertension.
Knowing how these physical changes might affect cognitive skills could be important in future studies that assess whether anti-hypertensive treatments could improve cognitive performance in children with hypertension and reverse or prevent future adult hypertension-related problems, said Marc B. Lande from the University of Rochester in New York, US.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is rapidly increasing in children, largely as a consequence of their obesity.

This high blood pressure in children and adolescents can significantly affect their mental skills, a study has found.

In the study, children with hypertension performed low on cognitive tests on visual and verbal memory, processing speed, and verbal skills.

Children with sleep issues were found to have had hypertension, which intensified the effect of poor sleep on cognition and executive function, the researchers said. Full Story

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