Did you know you can reverse diabetes?

Even complications will improve if you remove the root causes of the disease.
Naturopathy and yoga can help you reduce weight in just a few days, stabilise blood sugar levels and reduce the need for medications and insulin.

I’m certain that you know at least 10 people who are diabetic. Is it then possible for you to imagine a diabetes-free world? We have accepted that ‘after a certain age’ diabetes is normal. What’s new, however, is that people in their 20s are diabetic and so are children!

If you are diabetic, you have probably experienced a slow increase in weight, fluctuating sugar levels, worsening lab reports, increasing doses of medicine and insulin, and complications like kidney damage, retinal damage, nerve damage, etc. Unfortunately, while doctors prescribe drugs to control diabetes and tell you to take care of ‘exercise and diet’, most don’t have the time to tell you exactly how to do this. Full Story

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