CEO’s death stirs debate about Chinese techies’ 70-hour work weeks

"Especially in the internet sector, where entry barriers are low and competition is fierce, it’s like stepping on thin ice."
"The stress and loneliness that startup founders feel can’t be comprehended by normal people," Leon Li, founder of Huobi, one of China’s largest bitcoin exchanges, wrote on his WeChat account in response to Zhang’s death.

The premature death of the 44-year-old founder of a prominent mobile health app startup has spurred a bout of soul searching in the Chinese tech community, where working long hours in the hope of making a quick fortune has become a way of life.

Zhang Rui, founder and chief executive officer of the startup Chunyu Doctor, died from a heart attack on Oct. 5. Heart attacks can have many causes and Chunyu spokesman Tan Wanneng said there’s no evidence that Zhang’s death was due to overwork. Yet as tech executives mourn his passing, that hasn’t stopped some from wondering about the deeply competitive nature of their industry and the potential health burdens they face. Full Story

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