Several hormones affect the sex drive positively. Testosterone, oestrogen, and oxytocin are among them.
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Libido: The highs and lows

January 29, 2018 Anushka Mishra 0

Libido is a person’s desire for sexual activity. Sex hormones and other chemicals affecting the nervous tissue act on certain areas of the brain to regulate human libido. A healthy libido usually means the person [Full Story]

Dr Ila Gupta, a senior IVF Expert in Delhi, said, “Drop in libido increases with age. But these days, it's also being reported among younger men. This could be due to psychological factors (depression, anxiety or relationship problems), drugs, job pressure, fatigue, stress, night shifts and low testosterone levels.”
Sexual Health

Delhi men losing libido

December 23, 2016 Anushka Mishra 0

More men in the national capital are facing a ‘libido crisis’ as early as their mid-40s. Not only are the testosterone levels in men from Delhi NCR lower, their sperm count, too, is the lowest [Full Story]